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It’s my birthday and I’ll dream if I want to

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If you read my other blog, then you know that my birthday is December 31 (because I am a shameless self-promoter of birthdays) and that I am turning 25.

Since my Christmas list was basically “Dear Santa, I’d like everything from my registry that I didn’t get for my wedding” I thought I would post my birthday wish list.  My birthday dream wish list.  All the things that I would buy if I had thousands of dollars to spare and a closet the size of a New York apartment (well, a Park Avenue apartment because let me say, many of the apartments in New York are the size of closets).

Prada Studded Velvet Pump (via Barney’s)

I have Tiffany at I am Style-ish to thank for these lovelies.  She posted these last Tuesday when she wrote about the Barney’s sale.  The fact that I never wear heels and that even on sale these shoes are still over $200 didn’t even matter when I laid eyes on these!

Rebecca Taylor “Mini Me” Silk Ruffle Dress (via Bloomingdale’s)

I love this dress.  I’ve been dying to find a floral dress that isn’t too “little girl” nor is it too “old lady” and I think this one hits the mark!  The ruffles are kind of fabulous and I really dig the silhouette.

Ugg Kensington

I know that I’m not supposed to admit this in public, let alone on my newly formed style blog, but I like Uggs.  They are comfortable and warm and I live in the Northeast people and it’s COLD here.  It snows and it’s yucky and I just like to be cozy some days.  These boots would definitely keep me comfy and cozy!

J. Crew Corwin Cardigan

As you’ll soon learn, I have a serious love affair with cardigans.  I am above all a nerd and my inner nerd simply CANNOT resist a good cardigan.

French Connection “Serpeant” Sequined Striped Dress (via Bloomingdale’s)

This dress would be perfect for the fabulous NYE/birthday party I would be going to if I didn’t completely prefer spending my birthday watching movies, drinking champagne in my PJs, snuggling on the couch with Boo and going to bed at 12:07.  What I love about this dress is that the t-shirt silhouette dresses down the sequins and makes the dress a little more wearable, especially for people who generally feel like a disco ball in sequins!

So that’s it.  That’s my birthday wish list.  I think the plan come January will be to empty out my birthday cards and scour Forever 21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters for copy cat pieces!


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December 29, 2009 at 8:37 am

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Oh holy night*

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Cardigan, American Eagle; Tee, Gap; Cords, Earnest Sewn via Rue La La; Flats, Target

Remember that buy one/get one sweater sale at AE I was talking about a few days ago?  This is the other sweater I came home with!  I loooove the shiny stripes (which unfortunately don’t look so shiny in this picture) on it.  It’s perfect to make a comfy (i.e. warm) outfit a little snazzier.  This way I get the same “dressy” effect but w/o the freezing arms or legs!

Posts will be light for the next few days as I celebrate the holidays and get ready for my birthday!! Merry Christmas everyone!

la la la

*This post is titled as such because this is my Christmas Eve outfit.  As it turns out, when I was packing this cardigan, I noticed a teeny tiny little hole (we’re talking 2 quick stitches to fix) right by the back tag.  Ugh!  Come on AE, quality control!!! I wouldn’t normally bring up quality control for such a tiny hole but this comes right on the heels of (pardon the pun) Boo’s shoes being destroyed–the sole was literally separating from the heel–after just 15 days!

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December 24, 2009 at 8:37 am

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Flowers in grey

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Flowered shirt, Old Navy; Jeans, American Eagle; Flats, Target

I always feel like Old Navy is one of those stores that is SUPER hit or miss.  They’d been missing for me for past few years, and let’s face it, the Super Modelquins are almost annoying enough for me to skip them entirely, but I was on the hunt for a cute shirt for the Feastival that Boo and I were throwing so I ventured in.  How shocked was I?!  They had a TON of cute stuff and I walked into the dressing room with my arms full.  This shirt was one of the things I walked back out with.  I love that it’s a little bit girly with the frills and flowers but the fact that it’s jersey keeps it casual.  Plus this is the type of shirt that I can wear dressed down with jeans like this or dressed up with a cute skirt.

p.s. sorry this picture ended up being a little blurry….

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December 23, 2009 at 8:39 am

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Meet Me in St. Louis

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I have decided that I am a little bit in love with Judy Garland’s scarf/wrap/kerchief thingy in Meet Me in St. Louis.

(image via here.)

I first saw this movie in a film class my freshman year in college.  Ever since then I’ve watched pretty regularly every Christmas (and I always text my freshman room when the trolley song comes on).  This year, I kind of fell in love with her headwear.

It has metallic threads through it, clips under the chin rather than ties (which at first glance is what it looks like it would do) and looks like it was knit with such warm and cozy yarn.  Plus, it looks like it would keep your ears warm without wrecking your hair!

Isn’t it lovely?

(image same as above)

This might be a knitting project for me this winter.

And I can’t possibly end this post without letting you hear the song:

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Not my best look

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Hat, H&M; Coat, Delia*s; Hoodie, PSU merch; Gloves, Boo’s; Track pants, Boo’s; Boots, Ugg

Aw, you guys thought I was serious with this outfit, didn’t you?  I mean, I know I’m new to the whole “style blog” scene, but give me a little credit, would you?  After all, does this look like the face of someone who is serious about her outfit?

Of course it doesn’t!  This is the makeshift snowsuit that Boo and I came up with so that we could go play in the snow on Saturday.  If this picture did nothing else, it proved to me that I really need to get some proper snow gear.  Well, the picture helped to prove it.  What really clinched it for me was the fact that after I slid down the first hill I came to on my butt because I didn’t have a sled my derriere was completely frozen!

After Boo and I called it quits (you know, once you reach a certain age, you can really only last for so long in the snow), I changed into something a little less…loud.

Sweater, H&M; Jeans, Gap; Slippers, Target

Since my normal photo spot is completely snowed in and since I was freezing from sliding down the aforementioned hill, we went with an indoor shot.  This sweater was so warm and fuzzy that after I bought it in blue, I ran back to H&M to pick up the gray one.  Unfortunately, the first H&M I went to was completely out but thanks to NYC having an H&M every 6 blocks or so I was eventually able to find it!

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December 21, 2009 at 8:37 am

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All things comfy

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Sweater, American Eagle; Tee, American Apparel; Cords, Earnest Sewn via Rue La La; Moccasins, Target

This sweater almost didn’t get purchased.  It was one of those things where I was kind of wandering around American Eagle, doing a little shopping for the hubby and I kept wandering back over to this sweater.  And since the sweaters were buy one get one half off…well, how could I refuse?  And the best part of this cardigan?  Pockets!  I am a girl who loves her some pockets and when you combine the super comfiness of this sweater with the pockets, it’s well on its way to becoming a winter staple.

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December 19, 2009 at 9:37 am

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Button me up

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Button sleeve sweater, H&M; Jeans, American Eagle; Boots, DV by Dolce Vita “Ted” Boot via Nordstrom

I bought this sweater when I was in one of those “I’m not buying anything I would normally buy” moods and was trying to change up my wardrobe a bit.  I have to say I’m glad I bought it!  I thought that since I have a bit of a chest, the extra volume would make me look really top heavy but it doesn’t.  Another reason I like this sweater?  It makes my eyes look wicked blue!

These boots are the result of months of hunting.  I was looking for the perfect black boot to replace the Zara pair that I literally walked holes into (thank you 2 years worth of NYC sidewalks).  They have the tiniest bit of a heel, a half of an inch max, which is low enough for them to have the flat look I like, but high enough for me not to walk holes into the back of them again!  Plus, they have 3 unattached buckled straps on them–almost like they are wearing belts.  This is kind of cool because I can put the straps however and wherever I like.  I can also take them off altogether if I feel like having a plain boot.  I’ll have to take some closeups of these next time I wear them so you can see the awesomeness!

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December 18, 2009 at 9:27 am

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