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Cardigan, American Eagle; Tee, Gap; Cords, Earnest Sewn via Rue La La; Flats, Target

Remember that buy one/get one sweater sale at AE I was talking about a few days ago?  This is the other sweater I came home with!  I loooove the shiny stripes (which unfortunately don’t look so shiny in this picture) on it.  It’s perfect to make a comfy (i.e. warm) outfit a little snazzier.  This way I get the same “dressy” effect but w/o the freezing arms or legs!

Posts will be light for the next few days as I celebrate the holidays and get ready for my birthday!! Merry Christmas everyone!

la la la

*This post is titled as such because this is my Christmas Eve outfit.  As it turns out, when I was packing this cardigan, I noticed a teeny tiny little hole (we’re talking 2 quick stitches to fix) right by the back tag.  Ugh!  Come on AE, quality control!!! I wouldn’t normally bring up quality control for such a tiny hole but this comes right on the heels of (pardon the pun) Boo’s shoes being destroyed–the sole was literally separating from the heel–after just 15 days!


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December 24, 2009 at 8:37 am

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