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Still sick so I’m shopping vicariously through other bloggers

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Since I’m totally in the midst of this cold, I’m sending you lovelies over to the blog of one of my absolute favorite ladies.

Not So Jenny, my sale-shopping guru, posted the other day about some of the awesome new pieces she scored on sale.  So while I can’t shop for myself and I don’t have the energy for online window shopping (which trust me, takes energy) head over to it’s always like this and see how NSJ did!


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January 28, 2010 at 8:37 am

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My new closet, or, why I have the best husband in the world

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I’ve been sick since my trip to NYC on Sunday night (which you can read about on my other blog) so that explains my lack of outfit posts.

Instead of an outfit post, I’m going to show you something that made me very, very, very happy last week.

My closet.

When we moved into our new place we had to share our closet space.  I went from a large closet to a medium closet and then had to split that space in half.  My shoes had no home (we’re both a bit shoe obsessed and his shoes filled the entire shoe rack on the back of our bedroom door–the only door in the apartment that can hold said shoe rack).  My purses had no home (a problem since my last job came with a Cole Haan discount that I loved taking advantage of).  After a few months of searching for a good solution we finally came up with one.  And it’s one that, surprisingly, was not my idea.

Boo moved out of our closet.

He was THRILLED to do it too!  He’d been offering me more space for months and I finally took him up on it.  He moved all of his stuff into our hall closet and he couldn’t be happier.  The whole time he was moving his clothes, he kept saying “I can’t believe I get my own closet!  This is awesome!”

I couldn’t believe it.  If I hadn’t already known it, this would have affirmed to me that Boo really is perfect for me.  A guy who wants his own closet?  Yes please.  Actually, when we were looking for apartments we joked about needing a 2 bedroom place.  One room for us and one for our shoes and computers (because yes, we have 5 of them between us).

So here is what my closet looks like now.

See how squished that is?  It’s so cramped that, with the exception of my overwhelming amount of grey, you can’t event tell that it’s color coordinated (which it totally is).

And here is how much room I’ll be able to spread into:

THAT IS SO MUCH SPACE!  I can’t wait to spread out all of my stuff, get a little more organized, have some room to actually get things in and out of the closet!

Now, for the rest of the closet:

Those duffel bags?  All of my purses are in there.  So…it’s not a great spot for them, but it’s safer than when they were just tossed in a heap on the floor.

And all of my jeans/pants…

So  here’s what I’m working with.  I can’t wait to post a picture when it’s all organized!

Oh, and yeah…those are my shoes.  Half of my shoes.  The other half are in a Shoes Under under our bed.  Before you start judging me, let me just say that we totally did NOT buy it from an infomercial; we got it at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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January 27, 2010 at 8:37 am

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Rehearsal dinner redux

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Dress, Bloomingdale’s (Aqua); Tights, Target; Boots, DV by Dolce Vita “Ted” Boot via Nordstrom

In case you couldn’t tell from the title of this post, this is the outfit I wore for my wedding rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, exactly 3 months ago.  I decided that in honor of our 3-month anniversary I would post this fun outfit!  But this time I decided that instead of the light-up “Bride” tiara, courtesy of my MOH and bestie Cait (hi Cait!) I would try pairing it with the street Pashmina that my mom and I both got in NYC forever ago.

The pinks are a little bit matchy-matchy for me, but I still kind of like the double pop of color!

And in case you want to see it in action, with Boo (and with the tiara) here’s a shot from October!

(photo via my Aunt Joan!)

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January 22, 2010 at 8:37 am

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Is Heidi “F”ing insane?!

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Hiedi Montag Pratt Whatever has declared that she likes her F cups and would even like to go up to an H cup.  Do you know how many D’s are in an F?  There are 3 D’s in an F.  And do you know how I know that?  Well, other than being a woman who has spent time in the intimates department at Nordstrom and who has seen the Oprah episode all about “are you wearing the wrong sized bra?”, I know this because I am an E cup.

Generally speaking this isn’t something I would broadcast all over the Interwebs but if you read my other blog (and yes, I’m pretty much going to link to it every time I mention it) then you already know that I was on the Today Show in a segment about how to dress your body type.  And I was the “large bust” (not a link to porn, just a link to the post, I swear.  It’s totally SFW.  Unless your offices disapprove of words like “busty”).  And the picture at the bottom of the recap post was my Facebook picture for about 6 months.

To be perfectly honest, I wish they would have kept me on call, you know, as the seasonal busty girl or something.  Because having the size chest that I have and having the other proportions that I have well, it’s not exactly easy to make things work for me.  I’m top heavy.  I have toothpick legs and kind of scrawny arms and yet I can photograph chubby.  I have a genetically tiny torso (thanks Mom’s side of the family!) and when you pair a tiny torso with a not-so-tiny chest…well…it’s not necessarily the most attractive combo.

I spend a LOT of time yelling at my less well-endowed friends to PLEASE JUST TAKE THEM! when they say they’d give anything for my chest.  If I had a normal-sized chest I would be an extra small or a small.  It wouldn’t be something that I needed to pull out a tape measure for every time I want to order something online.  I would just KNOW what size I was.  But that’s never the case.

Look at most runway shows.  Do you SEE huge-breasted women?  Unless it’s the Victoria’s Secret runway show, you likely do not.  And there is a reason for that.  A lot of clothes don’t look amazing on big flouncy, bouncy boobs.  There are countless trends/looks that I can’t pull off because of my chest.  Strapless dresses?  Forget it.  Triangle bikinis?  Not likely (which consequently means no cute bathing suits and only frumpy old lady suits.  When I looked for bathing suits in Nordstrom’s “full bust” section they were all one-pieces or tankinis. Boooooring).

And it’s not just the clothing that you have to consider.  A large chest makes running a pain in the ass.  You have to deal with soreness during PMS (and nothing helps raging hormones like sore boobs that hurt if your hubby even tries to hug you).  And that whole “big boobs during pregnancy” idea?  Well let’s just say that I am not looking forward to that.

Aside from the personal annoyances of a large chest, there are the more, uh, public annoyances.  A few weeks after I moved into the new apartment I got cat-called by a group of teenage boys (and as you know, teenagers scare the living poo out of me).  I was wearing a V-neck shirt and a bra that made sure the ladies were where they should be (read: NOT a push-up bra). It’s aggravating to think that I can’t leave my house in a V-neck (a style that is actually a bust MINIMIZER) because any amount of cleavage turns men into howling animals.  It’s unfortunate that I have to worry about a normal-cut shirt being too revealing when I go out for a drink.  It’s obnoxious that if the shirt happens to show a little more than I intended people will leer, comment, or try to cop a feel (which in all fairness hasn’t happened since college).

It annoys me when people like Heidi mess up their bodies like this.  Did she not pay attention to Pamela Anderson?  Pammy’s boobs have gone up and down in size because of implant issues.  And the thing is, big boobs aren’t all that appealing.  My friend Robin put it the best.  We were in middle school when she asked this very poignant question: Why do guys like big boobs anyway?  They’re just chunks of fat.

Yes.  EXACTLY!  They are just chunks of fat.  Or, in many cases, chunks of silicone, or bags of saline, or whatever.  So why do people feel the need to be constantly pumping theirs up?

The next time that Heidi goes under the knife, I think I’ll ask to go with her.  Maybe doctors can finally capitalize on that whole trading the big boobs thing.  After all, it is Hollywood.

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January 20, 2010 at 8:37 am

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Trying to accessorize

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Deep v sweater, Madewell; Tank, Madewell; Leggings, Delia*s; Flats, Target; Pearls and chains necklace, Nordstrom juniors

For the last 8 or so years, I’ve been wearing the same jewelry.  It’s very standard and very boring and every so often I try to mix it up, usually with no success.  But this time I decided that what I needed was some big statement jewelry.  Partly because a lot of the girls I worked with were rocking pieces like this and partly because the bigger the necklace, the harder it is for me to ignore the necklace.  This, by the way, is the necklace, up close and personal.

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January 15, 2010 at 8:37 am

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Unseasonably patriotic

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Cardigan, Forever 21; Tee, American Apparel; Twill pants; American Eagle; Chuck Taylor All Stars, Converse

I didn’t exactly realize that I was looking so “red, white and blue” until after the fact but even so I LOVE this outfit.  I threw this on on a day when I wasn’t feeling great and just wanted to wear something comfortable, but was leaving the house and couldn’t rely on my requisite “icky day” garb of sweats and a hoodie!  It was the perfect way to stay laid back but to still look presentable.  Plus, these pants are quite possibly the softest twill I have ever owned and they are SO comfortable!

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January 13, 2010 at 12:29 pm

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Omg…look, it’s that Rodarte stuff

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Generally speaking, my plans for street cake are for it to be the more visual of my two blogs.  However, every so often I’ll have something to say that the normal shenaniganist reader isn’t going to relate to.  Something about my hair, or makeup, or clothes.  Today is one of those “so often’s.”


On Sunday I ventured into Target.  It was actually a trip to complete some stuff from our registry but the store was in such complete chaos that it was just terrifying.  But since I was there, I knew I had to at least take a look through the clothes to see if there were any Rodarte pieces left.

There were.

Unfortunately for me, there was nothing left was in my size and what was, wasn’t exactly my taste (no offense meant, of course, but the rain coat wasn’t exactly my thing!)

While I was perusing the remaining styles though, some girls wandered by.

Omg…look, it’s that Road Art stuff.

Excuse me?  Did you just say “Road Art”?  Like, with a distinct pause between the syllables?

As if that wasn’t weird enough, the girl’s friend chimed in.

Ditz 1: Omg…look, it’s that Road Art stuff.

Ditz 2: What?

Ditz 1: Haven’t you heard of him?  He’s like, this really cool designer, and his stuff is all really avant-garde.

Are you kidding me?  HE is like a really cool designer?  WHAT HE?!  I just stood there, jaw dropped, wondering what the heck this weirdo girl was talking about and how it was possible that she was twirling around the racks, pawing over pieces, and  thinking she knew exactly what she was talking about when she was so completely off base!

All I wanted to do was grab her by the shoulders, shake her around a little, and say “listen up girly, get your facts straight!  If you don’t know how to say the name, that’s one thing, but if you don’t even know that the label was started by and is designed by two women, NOT A MAN, then just. don’t. speak.”

I can’t help it.  It bugs me.  Granted when I started my internship at Elle I was no fashion expert.  I couldn’t even come up with a good “favorite designer” to list in my Glamour interview when they asked my favorite accessories designer.  I didn’t know which designers were “medium end” versus “low end” when they clumped Banana Republic and J.Crew into “low end” with H&M and Forever 21.  Oh sure I knew Prada but I’d never heard of Miu Miu.  And I definitely mis-pronounced Moschino the first few times.  But I never pretended to know.  I never acted like the authority because I knew I wasn’t!  Far from it.  So it just blew my mind to watch this girl flaunt her totally incorrect “knowledge.”

What’s the point here?  No point I guess, just that it boggles the mind when people speak with such authority on topics, or in this case designers, that they’ve probably never heard of.

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January 12, 2010 at 1:16 pm

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