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My new closet, or, why I have the best husband in the world

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I’ve been sick since my trip to NYC on Sunday night (which you can read about on my other blog) so that explains my lack of outfit posts.

Instead of an outfit post, I’m going to show you something that made me very, very, very happy last week.

My closet.

When we moved into our new place we had to share our closet space.  I went from a large closet to a medium closet and then had to split that space in half.  My shoes had no home (we’re both a bit shoe obsessed and his shoes filled the entire shoe rack on the back of our bedroom door–the only door in the apartment that can hold said shoe rack).  My purses had no home (a problem since my last job came with a Cole Haan discount that I loved taking advantage of).  After a few months of searching for a good solution we finally came up with one.  And it’s one that, surprisingly, was not my idea.

Boo moved out of our closet.

He was THRILLED to do it too!  He’d been offering me more space for months and I finally took him up on it.  He moved all of his stuff into our hall closet and he couldn’t be happier.  The whole time he was moving his clothes, he kept saying “I can’t believe I get my own closet!  This is awesome!”

I couldn’t believe it.  If I hadn’t already known it, this would have affirmed to me that Boo really is perfect for me.  A guy who wants his own closet?  Yes please.  Actually, when we were looking for apartments we joked about needing a 2 bedroom place.  One room for us and one for our shoes and computers (because yes, we have 5 of them between us).

So here is what my closet looks like now.

See how squished that is?  It’s so cramped that, with the exception of my overwhelming amount of grey, you can’t event tell that it’s color coordinated (which it totally is).

And here is how much room I’ll be able to spread into:

THAT IS SO MUCH SPACE!  I can’t wait to spread out all of my stuff, get a little more organized, have some room to actually get things in and out of the closet!

Now, for the rest of the closet:

Those duffel bags?  All of my purses are in there.  So…it’s not a great spot for them, but it’s safer than when they were just tossed in a heap on the floor.

And all of my jeans/pants…

So  here’s what I’m working with.  I can’t wait to post a picture when it’s all organized!

Oh, and yeah…those are my shoes.  Half of my shoes.  The other half are in a Shoes Under under our bed.  Before you start judging me, let me just say that we totally did NOT buy it from an infomercial; we got it at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Written by stealthnerd

January 27, 2010 at 8:37 am

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  1. bigger closets are so exciting!! i was thrilled to move out of Fan apts. for this exact reason and now we have an awesome closet to share too!
    my husband has an unmanly amount of shoes too… his shoes creep in on my shoe area, it’s so weird.


    January 27, 2010 at 10:00 am

  2. NSJ: I never knew that men had such a fascination with shoes. I thought that was a woman only thing, but apparently it’s not!


    January 29, 2010 at 11:34 am

  3. Awwww. What a nice hubby you have there, hehe.


    February 1, 2010 at 4:27 pm

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