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Overalls, Madewell; Catnap Cardigan, Madewell; Tee, Gap; Belt, American Eagle; Brogues, Cole Haan; Buttons/pins, Converse


I wore this outfit yesterday and while I was getting dressed I was thinking “I bet my boss is going to wear her overalls today.”  And I was right.  I walked in, saw her, and was just like “uh…yeah, I figured this was going to happen.”  Best part is that it was just the two of us for awhile.  Someone even asked if the overalls were our uniforms.  Nope, it’s just that the only 2 of us who own them happened to wear them on the same day.  Oh, and the best part of this outfit?  I actually remembered to take a detail shot again!  Woo hoo!  Check out the close up of my flair (haha!)

They are all, obviously, Converse pieces.  The leather circle/star was actually pinned into a John Varvatos for Converse skirt.  The CHUCK pin and the crest were actually left behind in one of the desks I inherited and ended up getting packed up with my stuff when I left.


Written by stealthnerd

January 26, 2011 at 8:37 am

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