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30 for 30 Day 7

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Boo called this my painter outfit–he said it looked like I was coming back in from my studio.  I called this my most comfortable outfit ever.  Have I talked about these pants yet?  No?  Well, picture your most comfortable pants.  And then imagine those pants being work appropriate.  Yeah, that’s what these pants are.  They are knit pants that are cut like a trouser so they have shape and structure but they are still beyond comfortable.  And if you know me (and by “know” I mean have visited this blog even one time) you know just how important comfort is to me.

*I do have to confess a bit of a cheat here though.  My Gap tee was in the wash so I grabbed an American Apparel one for the day.  Whoops!

The pieces in outfit #7 are:

Madewell Telegraph Trouser, True Black

Gap Favorite V-Neck Tee, Optic White  (*Actual shirt in post is AA)

Madewell Perfect Chambray Shirt, Light Indigo

Madewell Biker Boot, True Black


Madewell Necklace



Written by stealthnerd

February 10, 2011 at 8:37 am

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