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30 for 30 Day 17

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This post would have been better if I had just done a double post yesterday, but, well, blogging hindsight, right?  Anyway, so this is obviously the same shirt/sweater combo from yesterday’s post.  I really loved the combo and knew that I wanted to wear it to work with this skirt.  This was one of those outfits that I kind of knew I wanted to wear from the beginning and the timing happened to work out that I wore it back to back with the jeans.  If it ain’t broke or something like that.  I initially thought I would wear the shirt tucked in to really show off the skirt and that’s how the outfit started out.  The only problem was that I hated it!  I couldn’t figure out why I was hating this outfit that I was sure I was going to love.  And then I un-tucked the skirt and, voila, problem solved!

Also, you’ll notice that today is March 1.  And I’m still only on outfit #17.  I’m a little bit behind on my 30 for 30 but I’m still hoping to finish by the middle of March.  I mean…February is a short month.  That’s a totally valid excuse, right?!

The pieces in outfit #17 are:

Madwell Arabesque Skirt, Night Fall

American Apparel White V-Neck Tee

Madewell Pointelle Cardigan, Poppy

Madewell Biker Boot, True Black


Madewell necklace



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March 1, 2011 at 8:37 am

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