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30 for 30 Day 26-30

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Okay, I just can’t let this 30 for 30 drag on for another week into March so get ready for one super ginormous remix post!

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28

Day 29

Day 30


My outfits have been done for a few days but the not posting on the weekends put me really behind on my 30 for 30 so I threw all of the last few days together.  Day 26 was a brunch run so I wanted something that was cute but easy.  Day 27 I love because I really love the look of a long sweater with shorts.  It seems scandalous from the back but it’s not at all and there is just something about that that I like in an outfit, that little interesting element. Day 28 was looking a little too basic.  When I bought that sweater forever ago I planned to wear it with shorts but when I put the outfit together it was missing a little something so I added the pop of pink.  Day 29 I switched the tights from the grey to the black tights and I definitely think that that helped the look out a little bit.  Day 30 I wanted to end with a bang, but, well, I think my “bang” pieces were debuted earlier on.  Whoops!  But I still really liked this outfit.  I don’t feel like any of the pieces went together: there is no blue in the shirt, but I wore my flats anyway; the flats have silver studs but the necklace is brass; the sweater is creams/browns but the shirt has black undertones.  And yet, despite all of that, I felt the whole outfit pulled together really well and I really dig the finished product!

The pieces in outfit # 26-30 are:

Madewell Back Zip Legging Jean, Chasm Wash

Madewell Midi Shorts, Sand Dune Wash

Madewell Engineer Stripe Skirt, Engineer Blue

Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans, Foundry Wash

Gap Deep V-Neck Tee, Plum

American Apparel White V-Neck Tee

American Apparel White V-Neck Tee

Madewell Tribute Tee, Prune

H&M Camo Tee

Madewell Twilight Cardigan, Cream

Madewell Cardigan, Hunter Green

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, Black

Madewell Biker Boot, True Black

Cole Haan Air Petra Tall Boot, Brown

Cole Haan Air Zelo Ballet, India Ink Suede


Urban Outfitters scarf

Madewell necklace

Converse belt

Old Navy scarf

Madewell necklace

Madewell necklace


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March 11, 2011 at 8:37 am

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