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But what color is it?

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Jeans, Madewell; Tribute tee, Madewell; Cardigan, Madewell; Belt, J. Crew; Scarf, H&M


Holy crap!  It’s May!  Can you guys even believe that?  This year seems like it is just absolutely flying by.  I know that this outfit doesn’t seem very May-ish, but that’s because it’s not.  It’s from April, which was not only all showers this year, but also pretty chilly.  It was only this past week that finally saw some decent weather.

Have I mentioned before how when I find something that I love, I buy it in multiple colors?  Like those Tribute tees that I have in, no joke, 4 colors.  Well this cardigan is something else I have in more than one color.  The black you saw last week and this is the…well…what color is it?!  I have no idea, to be honest.  Some days I think it’s brown, some days it’s more maroon.  The site calls it burnt soil but I can’t say that helps me decide on one color or another–whatever color it is though, I love it!


Written by stealthnerd

May 2, 2011 at 8:37 am

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