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Skirt, Madewell; Tank, J. Crew; Cardigan, Madewell; Necklace, Madewell; Socks, Madewell; Boots, Madewell


You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in like, 2 weeks.  I was sick, totally out of commission, for over a week.  It was the worst.  I had a horrible ear infection.  When the doctor told me that was what it was I was like “wow…how old am I?”  I hadn’t had an ear infection since I was like, 7, so it definitely threw me for a loop.  My ears are still a little bit plugged up which is a bummer but I’ve gotten rid of that “underwater” feeling that I had so that’s at least a plus.

Anyway, on to the outfit.  I love the skirt.  It’s a bit high-waisted, with a little bit of a paper bag effect…basically it has a lot of little details that just make it awesome.  And I wanted to get a bit of a nerd vibe going to so I threw the socks on with the boots.  I can’t wait to wear this skirt all summer…I have a feeling I’m going to love with some bright sandals!


Written by stealthnerd

May 27, 2011 at 8:37 am

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