street cake

A definite old-school vibe

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Dress, Madewell; Necklace, Madewell; Bracelets, Madewell; Belt, Cole Haan; Boots, Madewell


Oh my, I look so old school in this outfit.  Between the big hair and the boots and the neon, I just felt like I should be in a grunge metal video or something.  Is grunge metal even a thing?  I don’t know but even through all of that I really liked the outfit!  It felt fun and summery, yes, even with the biker boots.  Although I definitely feel like I want to bust this out with sandals soon to really summerize it.


Written by stealthnerd

June 7, 2011 at 8:37 am

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  1. […] I wore it all summer long.  In fact, when I started re-posting I realized that I had at least 3 more photographed occasions of me wearing that dress and I know there were many other days that I wore […]

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