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Because you can only wear white pants so long after Labor Day

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Jeans, Madewell; Cardigan, Madewell; Tank, Madewell; Necklace, J. Crew Factory; Bracelet, Madewell; Boots, Madewell


Okay, let’s set one thing straight before we move along: I do not abide by the “no white pants after Labor Day” rule.  I think rules like that are stupid.  Who says you can only wear white between Memorial and Labor Day?  I started wearing my white jeans waaaay before Memorial Day and I didn’t pack them up until some point in October.  Whatever.

I wore this outfit for a denim event at work.  Which just proves how behind I am in my blogging b/c we just recently had another denim event.  Anyway…I wore this because I wanted to prove that white jeans aren’t just for the summer and that they can be toughened up with boots and be perfectly acceptable for fall.  Too bad the tan I’m rocking in this picture is long gone by now!

Ugh…I promise I’ll try to have more interesting things to say when I get a little more up to date with these posts!


Written by stealthnerd

November 7, 2011 at 8:37 am

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