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Dress, Madewell; Sweater, Madewell; Necklaces, Madewell; Bracelet, Madewell; Boots, Madewell


Can we talk about my fishtail braid for just a second?  I LOVE a fishtail braid and I was so excited to finally get my hair long enough to do it.  And can you all guess what happened next?  Yeah, as soon as my hair was fishtail side-braid length I got the bug to cut it shorter.  That’s about right, isn’t it?  I mean, women are never happy with their hair.  If it’s straight, we want it curly; if it’s curly, we want it straight; if it’s long, we want it short but the second we cut it short we wish it was long again.

So anyway, the outfit.  I love this dress.  I wore it all summer long.  In fact, when I started re-posting I realized that I had at least 3 more photographed occasions of me wearing that dress and I know there were many other days that I wore it and just didn’t take a picture.  What can I say?  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?  When it got cooler, I knew I was going to want to keep wearing that dress so I figured “why not make it a skirt?”  I knew it would work with the sweater too because the night I bought my sweater I was wearing that dress and just tried it on over the dress!


Written by stealthnerd

November 16, 2011 at 8:37 am

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